WordCamp Cape Town 2017

The CodeCabin_ Team Experience


It was an experience unlike any other. An event for which The CC_ Team from far and wide took to the sky, to showcase our passion for WordPress in SA!

The CC_Team has landed

So it began, the 25th of September, on a sunny Wednesday afternoon… The team stepped off the plane at Cape Town International, and caught an Uber straight to the WordCamp VIP Dinner. It was time to meet up with the rest of the WordPress family. The whole team was delighted, each one later enthusing over people known & new. The Team had the pleasure of meeting international Wordies Noel Tock and Petya Raykovska. Later the Team got to know Anchen Le Roux and Leo Gopal a little bit better at the Waterfront. A great start to an already memorable experience!

Day 1

Day one of WordCamp Cape Town started on a high; a Hetzner coffee high! So with our cappuccinos and notebooks in hand, the team parted to attend the workshops most suited to our skill levels. While some of us explored Marketing Funnels for business, others dove into the world of Sass. Dylan Auty, wrote in his headquarters report, that “he definitely walked away with a bunch of new concepts and ideas”, and Dylan Kotze, describing “Sass to the ReCSSue; one of my favourite workshops!” later approached speaker Job Thomas, from Automattic, for some more information after his talk. With some golf, good company and good food to keep us busy otherwise, it was soon time for team member Jarryd Long to present his  workshop on the fundamentals of support. Although acknowledging a few technical difficulties, Jarryd thoroughly enjoyed the experience and our hearts beamed with pride at his courage and humor. To quote Jarryd: “the talk relied on the internet, and fortunately for me, the venue was roughly 1.23 signals too far away from the routers :)” The Team’s day ended  with some delicious celebratory Cape Town burgers!

Still excited for the day, yet woeful that it was drawing to the halfway mark, the team headed out early to make the most of day two.

Day 2

The morning started with two insightful talks, one by Mary Job on how she found WordPress through blogging, and the other by Shannon McLaughlin, who showed us how WordPress and WooCommerce helped her open her online store, Ubuntu Baba. After a quick snack it was time to say our goodbyes to our fellow attendees. Veronique Smit found it amazing and said that: “at an event scheduled to give back to WordPress, I left feeling I have gained much in return.”

WordCamp Cape Town was an event at which the WP Community vibe truly touched us. To quote team leader Nick Duncan, ”every year brings new opportunities to meet people that I would not have ordinarily had access to such as international speakers, or business owners of other WordPress companies. Normally international speakers are reserved and difficult to speak to but this year it seemed to be different.”

Thanks to the team back at base camp for handling support whilst we represented at WordCamp Cape Town 2017. Our team is the best!

To all fellow WordCamp sponsors, organizers, volunteers and ticket buyers, thank you for bringing a wonderful cause to WordPress Cape Town once again! Insightful talks, enriching workshops, community togetherness and good coffee made for good times; see you next year!



The CC_Team #WCCT



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