WordCamp…, you never cease to amaze us! Attending the first ever WordCamp Johannesburg SA, our CODECABIN_ team representing our Johannesburg-born plugin WP Google Maps, arrived excitedly with the Gautrain with the golden sunrise, at the Bon Hotel in Midrand. With some already acquainted speakers from our last WordCamp held in Cape Town earlier this year, the line-up of guest speakers proved promising to the City of Gold. Our team was greeted with seasoned and volunteer Wordies with plenty #hugs. Stories about the new love found for WordCamp mascot Wapuu, and it’s guest appearances in creative WordCamp representation all over the world, was sweet to our introductory coffee. The GPL-licensed creature originated in Japan, and even has it’s own colouring in pages for free download, how very European!

Kicking off the event, and to name a few of the guest speakers on Day 1, Caxton Digital Manager Chris Louw gave an insightful talk about using WordPress as an inspirational tool to give a voice to the voiceless. Expressing digital media as a means of storytelling, Chris encouraged the audience to utilize WordPress, to create their own stories with. Our team realized the importance of storytelling as a WordPress user, with the use of new navigation technology as demonstrated with their accompaniments and how this is interacts with the tone and message of content to its evolving audience. Our team was creatively inspired to continue to be innovative, leading the WordPress community with technology trends.

Complementing Chris’ people-driven focus, Hugh Lashbrooke, a Community Sentinel at Automattic, demonstrated the various ways in which the WordPress community can be involved in contributing. Whatever your passion, there is a role for you. Whether it’s code in the Core, Documentation creation, Translating WordPress, or helping others in the Support forum. At WordCamp Central, events are unfolding globally for the community in mind. Find MeetUps nearest to you, where one can attend, or get involved as a guest speaker as well as event co-ordinating. Our team enjoys giving back to the WordPress community, in Johannesburg SA, this is known as ‘Ubuntu’ meaning together where you’re invited too!

Our tea break was followed by a light-hearted service delivery talk by Andrew Lima, owner of Arctek Technologies. The importance of splendid customer support was topic.  Andrew also teams up with our CODECABIN_ Support Engineers, and understand this vital role we play to our customers. It is so vital, we decided to share all his tips for customers for smooth sailing support here.

Roselyn Lavery, Business Development Manager at PayFast, shared methodology behind this trusted payment system. Roselyn demonstrated preferred means of online payments to her audience, which supports merchants, their customers, and developers. Roselyn gave insight into system purchasing as well as engaging in e-commerce.

Lunch succeeded an interesting dive into the mechanics behind the WordPress GPL, also known as General Public License. In this talk, Jonathan Bossenger, who is a WordPress developer from Cape Town, captivated his audience, with understanding GPL when building with/ for WordPress in giving back with community spirit. This is open source code, which basically means that if you contribute code to the Core of WordPress in any way, that it is available to be re-used in building with it again, as it’s not patented to the contributor. Our team always enjoys seeing how the principles of share and modify open source, fits in with revolutionary industry development online within WordPress. Did you know that WordPress powers 26% of the internet? Jonathan’s talk safely guaranteed that everyone can contribute and utilise code in the WordPress community.

From our CODECABIN_ team, a big thank you to all the speakers for sharing hard-earned experiences with WordPress and industry. Johannesburg Brew owner, Brett Magill, who left us with the inspiring message of, ‘keep calm and start somewhere’ Brett encouraged his audience that time is now to start being Entrepreneurial, and to let your market niche find you and say who they are. That can be accomplished in partnering with WordPress. In closing, Brett shared his experiences in care with personal customer service on e-Commerce platforms. This rings true to how our team feel about our customers and service for WP Google Maps. Tweet to us your service experiences today!

Deserving of applause, WordCamp Johannesburg 2016 organizers treated us to lovely community event. Our team at CODECABIN_ is in anticipation for up & coming MeetUps and WordCamps in 2017, we can hardly wait!


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